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NOC Basketball Club FAQ

When will I find out if my player has made a team?
We will reach out by email or phone by 3/17 letting you know what opportunity we have for your player.


How are teams selected?
A variety of factors are considered when setting rosters. Coaches and NOC Staff work together to build teams with similar skill and experience, while also looking at player friend and schedule requests.


What if my player doesn’t make a team?

For players that we were unable to place, there will still be an opportunity to be involved. We will offer weekly skill and scrimmage sessions beginning early April for all interested players. More information on this will be sent out in the coming weeks.


What are the costs?
If your player is selected for a team coached by a volunteer, your monthly dues will be $60. For teams led by a paid coach, the dues are $110. There will also be a one-time uniform fee in the $100-$160 range.


Is financial assistance available?
All financial assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email with inquiries.


What is covered by the monthly fee?
Monthly membership dues cover coach’s wages for 1 practice per week and 1 tournament per month. The registration fee for 1 tournament for month is also included. Players will be responsible for all additional wages and registration fees.


When will the practice and game schedule be released?
Schedules will be created on a team-by-team basis after rosters have been selected. Coaches will have the final say on scheduling, but we encourage open communication between coaches and families in the hopes of finding workable solutions for everyone involved.


What is the time commitment for being on a team?
NOC guarantees 1 practice per week and 1 tournament per month. Any additional practices and games must be agreed upon by coaches and players. Many teams will choose to stay at the minimum, some teams will want to dedicate more time.


Where will we be playing?
All practices will be held at the NOC hangar unless otherwise agreed upon by your team. Most games will be played within 30mi of the OKC Metro – Norman, Moore, OKC, and Piedmont are the most common places our teams play. There are also many opportunities to branch further out for interested teams.


How do I contact NOC with additional questions?
For general NOC contact, email For questions directly related to NOC Basketball Club, email

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