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3v3 RULES:

  • A coin flip prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initial possession. Overtime possession will also be determined by a coin flip.

  • Substitution is only allowed during dead ball situations (checked ball, dead ball, or timeout).

  • After a made basket or dead ball the ball must be checked at the top of the key. The top of the key can be defined as anywhere from the half-court line to the three-point arch. Ball is considered LIVE after a check. A player may dribble, pass, or shoot at this point.

  • After a missed basket resulting in change of possession, a team must take the ball back behind the three-point line and does not have to check. This can be via the dribble or pass. The player must have two feet and the ball behind the three-point line.

  • Length of the Game; First team to score 35 points, or 20 minutes. Each court will use one score clock, which will run continuously and not stop. Overtime will be 3:00 running clock. In the event of a tie game after the first overtime, then play will be determined by sudden death. The home team will get the ball first and get one possession to score. If they do score, the visiting team gets one possession to score as well. If they do not, the game is over. If they do score, play will continue to go back and forth until a winner is determined.

  • The ball changes possession after each scored basket. Jump balls/tie ups will alternate.

  • In the event of a forfeit, the score will be posted as 15-0

  • All fouls occurring with 30 seconds OR less remaining in the game will result in the clock stopping. Same rule will apply to the final 30 seconds of overtime. The team that is fouled will be awarded 1 free throw worth the value of 2 points.

  • Scoring - Made baskets from inside the arc = 2 points. Made baskets outside the arc = 3 points
    Made free throw = shoot 1 to make 2⁄3
    On an 'and 1' = count the basket & the free throw

    (no free throw shot on 'and 1')

  • Free Throws –
    All players must stand behind the 3-point line. On all made free throws, play resumes with a change of possession and the ball thrown in at the top of the key. After a missed free throw, on the release, the ball is live and all players behind 3-point line may now hustle to get possession. Whoever gets possession, that team must take back behind the 3-point line to get back to game play. Only one free throw awarded for shooting fouls. These count for either 2 or 3 points. 2nd grade boys teams and 2nd and 3rd grade girls teams will shoot free throws at the 12 ft. free throw line.

  • Rim Height - 2nd-8th will play at 10 feet, K/1st will play at 9 feet

  • Ball Size – 7th/8th grade boys will play with a 29.5 ball. 2nd-8th girls & 2nd-6th grade boys will play with a 28.5 ball. K/1st boys & girls will play with a 27.5 ball.


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